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Podio is a collaboration software that helps teams communicate and organize the process to complete tasks and projects.  The Podio system puts content, context, and conversations in one place.  Whether you are working on a project or following up a sales lead, you get everything related to the job on one page, making collaboration and completion of the task easier and with less confusion and distraction.

With Podio, communication is closely tracked and organized.  Whether you need an urgent message from an employee or simply want to share information, Podio puts all your conversations in one place for easy monitoring.  Updates, comments, and changes are done in ‘real time’ so your project is kept on track.  To further facilitate the team working in sync, Podia has tools for social collaboration, task management, file sharing, automated workflows, calendar, meeting scheduling, and integrated chat, among others.

Additionally, you get functionalities such as granular access, personal dashboards, connected CRM, data visualization, third party app integration, and full customization.  All of the tools are integrated into one platform to ensure smooth workflow, efficient management of tasks, and keeping everyone in the team informed and updated so that you and your team don’t miss any part and pieces of your project.


•    Project and Task Management
•    Client Relations Management (CRM)
•    Recruitment Processes
•    Business Development Processes
•    Automated Workflows and Management
•    Social Intranet and Collaboration
•    Integrated Chat, Communication and Collaboration
•    Sales Pipelines
•    Meeting Scheduling and Calendar
•    Granular Access (individuals are given access only to specific modules)
•    Unlimited Storage
•    Web & Mobile Compatible