More than just a contact tracing app...

There are many contact tracing apps on the market, but the EndGame Software Health Declaration app provides weekly, lesson based businesses with two extra important features, critical to managing employees and customers in a COVIDSafe environment.

Key features:

1. Collects contact tracing data, stores it securely, then deletes it automatically in line with government guidelines

2. Requires the employee or customer to provide a Health Declaration in line with COVIDSafe guidelines

3. Alerts the employee/customer and the business if a negative Health Dec has been submitted, so you can take action immediately

Just using your booking system details for contact tracing?

You may not be compliant with your COVIDSafe Policy. Your booking system would hold contact information for the family attending the lesson, but what about extended family members and friends who come along to watch the lesson? The Department of Health will require contact information from EVERYONE who enters your facility. Failure to comply could put you in breach of your COVIDSafe Policy and will make it harder for contact tracers to track down at risk members of the public should CV-19 be found at your facility.

The Endgame Health Declaration App allows both customers and employees to sign-in using their personal smartphone device, simply by scanning the secure

QR code displayed on your reception iPad or signage.


A secure, contactless sign-in option for customers and employees.

The contactless sign-in process allows your customers and employees to sign-in straight from their smartphone with no need to touch the iPad screen or install an app. This app is a quick and easy way for managers and business owners to collect contact tracing data, as well as COVIDSafe Health Declarations and have them automatically and securely stored in the cloud for future reference and inline with Government Guidelines.

If you have a busy reception/sign-in area or have to onboard multiple people at the same time, this app can help solve bottlenecks and maintain social distancing.

✔️  Simple, effective and easy to use

✔️  No contracts, cancel anytime

✔️  We set the app up for you

✔️  Employee policy template included

✔️  Digital signage included

✔️  Store/export Contact Tracing Data

✔️  Generic instructional video provided

✔️  Shows a high standard of Due Diligence


The pricing structure involves:

   * A one-off Setup Fee and

   * An ongoing Monthly Fee

* No minimum contract.

* Cancel any time

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CVS Premium

CVS Plus





Multiple Venue Functionality








Special Offers:

Swimming Industry  Offer

Swim Australia and ASCTA Members receive 15% off the Setup Fee and Ongoing Monthly Fee.


South Australia

Upgrade your Covid security

South Australian businesses affected by the CV19 lockdown receive 30% off Setup and 30% off the first 2 monthly fees.

Offer ends 30th Nov 

Keen to get stared or learn more?

Easy to use on any phone.


* Vision and terminology in this video is based on our test case swim school

* Vision and terminology in this video is based on our test case swim school

Watch the Employee or Customer App video presentation...

Read more about our Health Declaration App.

Creating/maintaining a COVIDSafe environment is an important strategy when running your business and providing a healthy and safe environment for customers and employees during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Operating your business in these times means you have to do everything you can to minimise the risk of having a person who is unwell in your facility. If that person later tests positive for the Covid-19 virus, it is likely that the business will be closed down for at least 48 hours for a 'deep clean', potentially costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Standard best practice is that no one should attend your facility if they have experienced cold or flu-like symptoms within the previous 72 hours or if the have returned from overseas or visited a Coronavirus Hot Spot within the previous 14 days. Most businesses have now implemented Employee Policies and customer education campaigns to further deal with this issue, but getting the message out to everyone is difficult, plus the manual pen-to-paper Contact Tracing/Health Declaration systems present their own risk, as employees/customers share pens and are potentially within the 1.5m social distancing parameters, not to mention the extra work it creates to collect, file and store the hard copy declarations.

Endgame Software's Health Declaration App is a quick and easy way for managers and owners to collect Contact Tracing Data and Health Declarations and have them automatically stored in the cloud for future reference if required.

The employee or customer uses their own smart phone device to quickly and easily scan a QR code, specific to the facility they are entering. Once the code has been scanned, an online webform is automatically opened on their device. The employee/customer simply adds their name, mobile number, records their current temperature (employee app*) and chooses from the available declarations:

HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED cold or flu-like symptoms within the last 72 hours.

HAVE EXPERIENCED cold or flu-like symptoms within the last 72 hours.

I HAVE NOT RETURNED from overseas or visited at Coronavirus Hot Spot within the last 14 days

I HAVE RETURNED from overseas or visited at Coronavirus Hot Spot within the last 14 days

Based on these declarations, a set of automations are triggered. With a 'HAVE NOT' declaration, the data is stored in the cloud utilising a Podio Workspace. Managers and owners will have access to this data at any time. Various reports can be produced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis if desired.

When a 'HAVE' declaration has been recorded, a series of alerts are automatically sent:

  1. The employee/customer receives a text message alerting them to the fact that they cannot commence their shift/enter the facility.

  2. The identified manager simultaneously receives a text and email message alerting them to the situation. Links in the text and email can either take them directly to the cloud-based Podio Admin Platform for further review, or they can call the employee/customer immediately from the text/email alert.

NOTE: Podio is a secure, cloud based CRM. Endgame Software's Health Declaration App is a Podio-based, hosted app. This means subscribers are set up and given access to a private and secure workspace within the Endgame Software Podio Platform.