The EndGame Lessons-based CRM is a podio-based platform specifically designed for businesses where customers take lessons or classes.  This platform was designed by the EndGame Consultancy and is perfect for dance, sports, swim or gymnastics schools.  

If your customers have regular lessons or classes as part of your business offering and you need to manage teams of employees, this platform is a ‘plug and play’ solution for you.  The EndGame Lessons-based CRM platform includes:


  • A sales pipeline and lead tracking module

  • Customer Management System (CMS)

  • Automated customer surveys and feedback collection

  • NPS (Net Promoter School)

  • Human Resource Management module to track training, qualifications and communications

  • A communication app for notifications and messages

  • Automated marketing including email, customer testimonials, feedback and complaints and staff reviews

  • Automated customer review prompts on Google MyBusiness and Facebook

  • Email and direct mail templates





Swim Lessons
Swimming Pool
Girl Swimming in Pool

Darren Lange Swim Academy is a large swim school that operates out of two facilities conducting more than 2,000 lessons per week in peak period.

In what is a competitive business environment, DLSA Manager, Kylie Messenger, explains how the custom built sales pipeline in Podio, designed by Endgame Software, gives DLSA the edge over its competitors. 


“We have an admin team of six working various shifts throughout the week. Before Podio, phone call follow-ups was a nightmare! Now, every lead can be found in the one app and every administrator can see where the lead is within the decision cycle and also, any conversations had between the lead and any of our admin team, are there right in front of you, so any other administrator can easily pick up where someone else left off.”

“We have a very high enquiry rate, particularly coming into the warmer months. The old system of taking messages off the answering machine, writing them into a book, then taking the time to call them back was laborious and when we are really busy, some leads could get missed. Plus, if you didn’t get the lead in the first call, you often struggled to get back to try again. At any point in time, I can immediately see how many leads are in the pipeline. I can boost admin hours in peak time to deal with demand. Best of all, I know that every enquiry that comes into the pipeline is going to be handled with the same high standard of attention.”

Kylie explains that Podio and the Sales Pipeline has also delivered fantastic data that can be used to make team training and marketing decisions to increase the success of the business.  “Before Podio and the Sales Pipeline, tracking contact rates and conversion rates across two swim schools and six administrators was nearly impossible. Now, the sales Pipeline app does it automatically. We know our current conversion rates and I can set goals for the rest of my team to strive for. We can modify our sales process and gauge any impact that has on the data. And while conversions is the ultimate goal, the Sales Pipeline in Podio also gives us up to the minute data on things like, how did the lead find out about us, what promotions are getting the best responses, and most importantly, why did a lead not convert to a customer. This all enables us to further develop our sales processes and in doing so, increase the conversion rate even further, maximising the ROI on marketing dollars spent.”

“Podio and the Sales Pipeline, has become an essential part of our growing business, I struggle to think how we managed without it!”


The DLSA is a large swim school that operates out of two facilities conducting more than 2,000 lessons per week in peak period.  Business is a competitive environment and customer relations is a key factor to ongoing success. DLSA Manager, Kylie Messenger, is in charge of a businesses that deals with thousands of customers, every week.


“Our customer base come to us every week, so we need to deliver a high quality program and experience every week. It is possible that things don’t always go to plan and that sometimes for whatever reason, a customer has had a less than great experience. What’s important here is that the customer has a range of avenues available to them communicate with us. The CRM module lined with the NPS is a fantastic way to receive a constant flow of feedback from our customers.”

“Customers are automatically send survey requests, starting as a new customer surveying the sales process that just went through, their first impressions and then a month into their time with use. From there every customer is automatically sent a NPS survey every three months. All survey results received come back into Podio and link to the customer item within the program. Every surveys processed quickly and efficiently as a Promoter, Passive or Detractor. Promoter responses and any specific feedback is easily passed on to any team members mentioned, Passive responses often require a discussion which is handled within the item itself and detractors are automatically set up in the Feedback App where Senior Team Member are flagged to review, contact and resolve.”

“Receiving Passive and Detractor responses is going to happen and that’s a good thing, because we are potentially hearing about a problem before it becomes a major issue and we can jump on that straight away.  The NPS keeps our team focused on what is most important, our customers.”